Words Have Power

Bill in his competition days; competition ready!

Bill in his competition days; competition ready!

Over the years, I have had several coaches, and all have listened to the way I describe myself. Most of the time, I think of the worst things about myself to use to describe what kind of person I am. At which point, the coach usually reminds me that words have power. Every time I label myself, I create a destiny that my mind will fulfill. Self-deprecating statements never helped anyone get where they were trying to go. Maybe you know someone who makes a joke of their current situation, giving it power while using it to cover the pain that it is causing them.

I call myself a big-picture person; someone with a vision. Where I tend to have a hard time is the midst of all the details and the organizing of those details. I often tell myself and others this all the time through words, and then I use my desk as a physical example of how disorganized I am.

The flip-side to that is this: if you ever saw my model railroad layout or pictures of me during my bodybuilding days, you would actually see that when I’m properly motivated, I can embrace the details, and achieve something spectacular.


Maybe we need to stop embracing the negative version of ourselves, and start to speak to a better version; maybe even one that we haven’t achieved yet. Then, our brain will help us reach the version of ourselves that we want to be. The brain has a way of taking us to the places that we focus on the most. Whatever we focus on, the brain will figure out how to achieve it. Where focus goes, energy flows.

I believe that this principle holds just as true in fitness. You have to see yourself as what you want to be in order to get there. You must have a vision. Without a clear vision, it’s difficult for your brain to know where you’re trying to go, causing much confusion. At the end of the day, the negative thoughts of what you used to be or what you’ve always been will ultimately keep you from ever reaching your goals. With that said, reaching a goal also often means changing something in your life or in your behavior. In other words, you can no longer be the same person but expect a different result.

Over the next month, I challenge you to define your vision and determine what behaviors you need to alter to achieve your vision.


To everyone that reads these blog posts, please understand that my goal is to help people reach their goals. Often times, I’m writing to myself and realizing that I’m not the only one going though whatever the situation may be. If I can help one person make a positive change in their life, then these blogs are a success. I enjoy your feedback also; if you find these to be helpful, let me know. Feel free to email directly at