The Next-Level You

So often I hear people say that their best years are behind them, as if they have hit their peak and have gone into decline. When really, what they should be saying is that it’s time to look for the next horizon to work towards. Our own mind tends to be our most limiting factor. It can either push us to a new place or stop us dead in our tracks. It’s time for you to see the “next-level you” in your mind and start working towards it. I think we all have a vision of what we would like to look and feel like, however external and internal forces influence us negatively and keep us from going for our dreams. Without a vision, you have nothing to work toward; you have to see yourself differently, and your brain will press to make your dream happen. If you believe you can and put the work in every day with a clear vision of your outcome, incredible things can happen. Every day ordinary people accomplish extraordinary because they have a compelling “Why” driving them to their goal.

Several years ago, we had a fat-loss contest, and the member that won said something that stuck with me. It was her compelling “Why”. She said she had gotten tired of herself. She felt that as soon as you really and truly get tired of yourself, the changes you have to make don’t seem so hard; it’s just what you have to do. In her eyes it made it so that she could go to the next level.

As you go forward, it’s important that you see yourself achieving your goal. It’s the only way that your brain will take you to the next level. Having the right habits allow you not only to get where you’re trying to go, but to stay there once you arrive. And it’s those same habits that you get to build on that put you in a position to succeed. Without good habits you will surely regress.

What I’ve seen is that anybody can accomplish anything in life if they have a clear vision, a strong work ethic, and are consistent with their habits. As summer approaches, see your the way you want to be and work towards it.

I understand that lifestyle change is difficult, and like with anything else in life, without people who have been where you are to help you go forward, it’s almost impossible to make good decisions. So as usual, I’m here to help. If you have questions or need help, feel free to email me directly at