It's Time to Go to Work

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Everything that's worth having in life takes hard work. Think about when you were born:  your mom had to work really hard just to get you into this world. From that moment on, for each thing that you really want in life, you have to work hard to get it. Why is it that when it comes to working out, everybody wants it to be easy, to happen quickly, to require no real effort, but then everyone wants to have a great outcome? If that’s not how it works with anything else in life, then what’s wrong with this picture?

I talk a lot about the process--I emphasize the importance of going through the process to have lasting results. I often hear people say, “ I just need a jump-start.” My question in return is always, “and then what?” Often people miss the point that this process is one that you go through for life. It’s so that your life can be enhanced--not just once, but over and over again. You’re worth the investment of the time and energy that this process requires, so that you can be, have, and do all that you’re capable of.

You don’t need a jump-start, you need a plan; one that’s built around making you better in every way.

In my previous post, I talked about making time for yourself, and now I just want you to use the time wisely. Choose a plan that allows you to focus your time and energy on what it’s going to make you reach your goals. Too often, I hear people talking about going to the gym and not thinking--this is the worst thing you can do. Everything else that you do during the day that commands all your focus and energy can’t be nearly as important as you are. Give yourself that same focus and see if you don’t start to reach your goals faster. In the gym, the people that have the best bodies are focused on having nice bodies, it’s not an accident that they look good, they worked for it. I believe that everybody can have a nice body that wants one. It just comes down to making the decision to do it, taking the time to make a plan, and putting in the effort and focus.

Another big mistake that most people make is not taking the time to learn and understand how their body works so that they can make better decisions. Yes, any diet will work, but it just may not be the right one for you. As you learn more about how your body works and what it needs, you’ll be able to fuel it properly. That’s when you get lasting fat-loss and a body that you consistently feel good in. The frustrating thing is that it takes time to get to know yourself; most of us just want a solution, which is why the failure rate is so high. Using someone else’s plan may work some of the time, but what you should be doing is getting your own plan. You’re worth it. If you don’t feel comfortable coming up with the plan on your own, get some help.

I want you to stop accepting mediocrity because you’re worth so much more.

The gym can be your safe place; it can be the place that you get to do something just for you, so you can feel good about yourself. It’s the one place in life that all of your accomplishments are yours--and no one can take them. For me, it was the place that I could feel good about me every day. If nothing else was going right in my life, I could go to the gym and work out, and it would be a great day. Sometimes you have to make changes and look at things differently: when you start elevating yourself, everything around you will follow. I want you to understand that you're worth the time, the energy, and every bit of effort that it will take for you to get the body of your dreams (whatever that means for you), and that you’re worth it. Not to mention, all of the people and things around that need your attention will benefit also. You just have to see it in your mind and go for it--it’s there for the taking.

I’ll admit, I am obsessed with getting people to stop hoping that something is going to happen with no work or real effort, and getting them to start taking the steps to get body that they were gifted with from birth. You just need to work for it. Start by making better decisions during the holiday season--not just for yourself, but for the ones you love also. This isn’t meant to take the fun out of this time of year, but to keep you from letting one cheat day turn into two months of bad decisions. Have a great holiday and give yourself the gift of the body and life of your dreams. I want to help you achieve that, so let's work for it together.

If you need help creating a plan, just let me know. The purpose of this blog is for me to help you  change the way you view working out and how it can enhance your life. Having a good plan and a guide will make all the difference in the world. You can email me directly at and I will do my best to help you.