Large Group Training

We offer 6 different types of large group training programs each week that many members use to supplement their individual training program. Each session offers a different approach to training that benefits you in different ways, from improving your endurance through cardio, to burning fat with high intensity interval training, to gaining total body strength. To maximize individual attention, these sessions are limited to 12 participants. Your trainer can suggest the sessions that will most benefit you based on your goals.



Unlimited Large Group Training Sessions are offered with any membership type.

Weekly Large Group Training Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
6:00am ChiZel TBS 1 Foundation
9:00am TBS 2
12:15pm Metabolic Express 1 Foundation TBS 1 Express Cardio Zone Training Metabolic Express 2
5:00pm ChiZel TBS 2
6:00pm TBS 1 Stacked!

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Session Descriptions

ChiZel -  Channel your inner performer and shift your workout into overdrive with this high intensity interval training program that combines grueling, all-out work efforts with brief recovery periods to provide a total body workout with maximum results.

Stacked! - Hit the body with a healthy dose of high volume training that incorporates a drop set format (starting with heavier weights, then decreasing weight to continue repetitions) for maximum calorie expenditure. Transform your body with targeted movements that are stacked together for an intense, shredding experience!

Metabolic Express - Increase your cardiovascular capacity and your metabolic rate with this high intensity training program!  You will work your entire body by doing calorie burning exercises at a quick pace, allowing you to increase cardiovascular capacity while building strength and endurance.  These sessions run 45 minutes.

TBS (Total Body Strength) - Build lean muscle and burn fat using strength machines, free weights and body-weight exercises for a full body workout. (TBS 1 & TBS 2 are programmed differently. TBS Express runs 45 minutes)

Cardio Zone Training - Learn how to maximize your cardio workout by training in your heart rate zones. You will also learn how to utilize our cardio equipment effectively. Please bring a heart rate monitor if you have one. 

Foundation - This large group program focuses on core strength training and range of motion exercises to keep you moving pain free. These mobility exercises will help get your body prepared for the more intense exercises. Build your foundation to obtain your strong super structure