We know how frustrating an aging body can be. 

Weight-gain is easy, finding flattering clothing has become more and more challenging, and there are too many diet and exercise plans out there to choose from. 

Stop experimenting, and use a method that is tried and true.

Your Plan is Simple:

Start your transformation with an assessment and strategy session.
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Commit to 3 weekly FUSION workouts for just 8 weeks.
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Enjoy your transformation.

FUSION for Fitness, FUSION for Life.

What Our Clients Say:

Robert C.

Shelley T.

Biff D.

Bill Burnett is the owner of Success Studio and creator of the FUSION training program. Bill has 28 years of experience in the training industry, beginning as a body builder himself, who eventually transitioned to become a trainer to help others transform their lives by transforming their physique. 

All participants will receive their very own copy of Bill Burnett's self-written Turn Back the Clock Fitness ebook, which gives the principles behind the FUSION program and also includes:

  • 3 additional months of FUSION workouts that you can do on your own after completing the FUSION program
  • A simple to follow nutrition guide
  • Instructions for short cardio workouts to do on off-days. While these are not necessary to be successful, they will certainly maximize your progress. 
  • A journal to track your meals, workouts, and progress

In addition to this valuable educational tool, each participant will also receive:

  • 3 training sessions with Bill Burnett himself for a total of 8 weeks (24 sessions total)
  • Access to the fully-equipped Success Studio to complete Bill's highly recommended cardio workouts to maximize your progress.
For just $36/session, unveil the body you love with an easy to follow program that takes the guesswork out of getting the results you've been waiting for. Bill will walk you through each workout step by step to make sure that you stay on the fast-track to Success!