Exclusive Deal for Charlottesville Residents


4-Week Large Group Training Blitz at Success Studio

Do you miss being part of a team environment where you are challenged, where you grow because of the experiences that you share with your teammates, and where your teammates are driven by the same passions that you are?

Do you enjoy being around others who can teach you, support you, and recognize your achievements?

Is it time for you to experience fitness in a team environment?

Fitness doesn’t have to be this unique individual experience. It can be done in the same team environment that you know and love.

We know that the fitness experience can be life-changing when done as a group and with quality coaching. At Success Studio, we’re a group of people who come together with a common goal. We work together, push one another, teach one another, and grow together.  Would you like to be part of this group?

For 4 weeks, we’re opening up spots in our large group training program. Join us and find out what fitness can be like.

In our 4-week Large Group Training Blitz, you’ll get:

  • Unlimited access to early morning and after-work large group training sessions (6am, 5pm, & 6pm). See below for training session descriptions and schedule.
  • Comprehensive warm-up and cool-down series before and after workouts to ensure you get the most from your efforts.
  • Instruction & individual feedback from the personal trainer leading the training session to ensure that you know what to do, how to do it, and to keep you from getting hurt. For this reason, we limit these sessions to 12 participants. 
  • Full facility services & amenities, including assistance with mapping out your workout week, access to the facility to workout on your own during regular business hours, access to our luxurious locker rooms, complimentary towel service, and convenient parking.

We’re offering this program for a one-time cost of $70 (about 20% of our normal membership rate) for a limited time.  With multiple sessions five days a week, each session costs you less than $5! We’re only allowing 10 participants – so submit your application today!

Training Session Descriptions & Schedule:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
6:00am ChiZel TBS 1 Foundation
5:00pm ChiZel TBS 2
6:00pm TBS 1 Stacked!

ChiZel: Channel your inner performer and shift your workout into overdrive with this high intensity interval training program that combines grueling, all-out work efforts with brief recovery periods to provide a total body workout with maximum results. Our personal trainer will guide you through 12 stations that will help you to burn fat long after the workout is done.

Foundation: This class focuses on core strength training and range of motion exercises to keep you moving pain free. These mobility exercises will help get your body prepared for the more intense exercises. Build your foundation and flexibility to obtain your strong super structure. This class is a good supplement to add into your schedule to create a well-rounded exercise routine.

Stacked!: Hit the body with a healthy dose of high volume training that incorporates a drop set format for maximal calorie expenditure. Transform your body with targeted movements that are stacked together for an intense, shredding experience!

TBS (Total Body Strength): A full body workout that incorporates different stations of exercises that vary from strength machines, free weights and body weight exercises to build lean muscle and burn fat!  (TBS 1 & TBS 2 are programmed differently.)

Each large group training session is an hour long and includes: exercise demonstrations, warm-up, and cool-down.