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Large Group PT Session Descriptions

Metabolic Express:  Maximize your calorie burn and increase your metabolic rate with this high intensity class! You will work your entire body by doing calorie burning exercises at a quick pace, allowing you to increase cardiovascular capacity while building strength and endurance.These sessions run 45 minutes.

Total Body Strength (TBS):A full body workout that incorporates strength machines, free weights and body weight exercises to build lean muscle and burn fat!  (TBS 1 & TBS 2 are programmed differently. TBS Express runs 45 minutes)

Cardio Zone Training: Learn how to maximize your cardio workout by training in your heart rate zones. You will also learn how to utilize our cardio equipment effectively. Please bring a heart rate monitor if you have one.

ChiZel:Channel your inner performer and shift your workout into overdrive with this high intensity interval training class that combines grueling, all-out work efforts with brief recovery periods to provide a total body workout with maximum results. This session runs 60 minutes.

Stacked!:Hit the body with a healthy dose of high volume training that incorporates a drop set format for maximal calorie expenditure. Transform your body with targeted movements that are stacked together for an intense, shredding experience! This session runs 60 minutes.

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Scheduling & Cancallation Policy

Scheduling Semi-Private Training: It is important that you stop by the front desk and schedule your training appointments on a weekly basis. You are not guaranteed the same semi-private spot every week if you do not confirm your appointment at the front desk.
Signing Up for Large Group Personal Training Online: We encourage everyone to sign-up online for classes they would like to attend. If you do not sign-up online and come to take class and it is full you are not guaranteed a spot in the class. This is for your own safety – if the class is too full the trainer will not be able to give each participant the attention they deserve.
Inclement weather: Please call and leave a voicemail or send us an e-mail if you cannot make your appointment due to bad weather. We will return your call or email at our earliest convenience to reschedule your appointment. If we are closing or changing our hours due to the weather we will change the voicemail message and post the closing/changed hours on Facebook. If you do not call, email, or show up for your appointment we will consider this a no show and you will not be able to reschedule your missed appointment.
24 Hour Cancellation Policy: Although we understand emergencies arise, we do ask for 24 hour cancellation in order to reschedule your appointment. If you do not cancel with more than 24 hour notice you will not be able to reschedule your session.
Personal Items: We ask that any personal items (purses, jackets, etc.) be placed in the locker rooms and not behind the front desk. We have limited space for the trainers and it is filling up with purses and winter coats. There are multiple hooks to hang items on as well as lockers for your belongings. You are welcome to bring a lock for a locker while you are here but please remove it when you leave. Thank you for your cooperation.
Lost and Found: Please stop and take a look through the lost and found by the water refrigerator at the front desk. At the end of March anything not claimed will be given to Vets in need.
We thank you for choosing Success Studio!

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Winter Storm Hours

The Studio will be CLOSED on Saturday, January 7th. We will reopen at 6am on Monday, January 9th. All sessions will be rescheduled.

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Anne Sloop, Grandmother of 4:
"My journey over the last year has been a long one. Experiencing 2 hip surgeries, physical therapy and biweekly workouts, has brought me to a new level of strength and appreciation. My trainer conscientiously and knowledgeably adapts my routine of exercises to develop my confidence and strength! My hip continues to heal even after a year, and I am so grateful to Success Studio for all they offer to me and others. "

Lauren McAdams, CFA Institute:
"Over four months, my triglycerides dropped by almost 200 points, my good cholesterol increased by 14 points, and my bad cholesterol went down by over 20 points - this really is Success Studio – and numbers don’t lie! "

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