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Large Group PT Session Descriptions

Metabolic:  Maximize your calorie burn and increase your metabolic rate with this high intensity class!  You will work your entire body by doing calorie burning exercises at a quick pace, allowing you to increase cardiovascular capacity while building strength and endurance. (Metabolic 1, Metabolic 2, Metabolic 3, and Metabolic Express are programmed differently.  Metabolic Express runs 45 minutes.)

Total Body Strength (TBS): A full body workout that incorporates strength machines, free weights and body weight exercises to build lean muscle and burn fat! (TBS 1 & TBS 2 are programmed differently)

Cardio Zone Training: Learn how to maximize your cardio workout by training in your heart rate zones. You will also learn how to utilize our cardio equipment effectively. Please bring a heart rate monitor if you have one.

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Do you know someone who loves fitness, who has strong people skills, and has a desire to enter the world of a personal training? Success Studio is a boutique fitness facility that specializes in personal training. We have an eclectic group of clientele that are fun, goal-oriented, and seek instruction. The ideal candidate for this position is someone who can lead and teach others in a fun and structured manner.

Our personal trainers work with clients in three settings: one-on-one training sessions, semi-private training sessions (up to 3 clients in a session), and large group training sessions (up to 10 clients in a session). They are paid commission on a session-by-session basis.

Our benefits package includes access to our facility, Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance, which are available to employees who work a minimum of 30 hours/week.

Personal Trainers will be responsible for maintaining current CPR-AED and NASM certifications.

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Attend the Summer Cook-Out on Saturday, May 21st from 11am-2pm!
Please RSVP at the Front Desk today.

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Kate Wood:
"Thanks to the wonderful staff and safe, caring environment at Success Studio, I am finally making progress on my weight loss and fitness journey--and I am having fun along the way. What a difference from when I walked in the door last August! The trainers have been so supportive at every step, always pushing me forward but also helping me modify movements when necessary. I'm feeling better than I have in years, and my physician is thrilled too: my cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure are all back to where they should be, and without medication. Love it!"

Becky Weybright:
"I don’t usually like to exercise, but working out at Success Studio is fun. I’ve stuck with it for over 2 ½ years now. I am happier and healthier because of Success Studio!"

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